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Recent rate increases can have a huge impact on your financial situation. Have your credit situation re-evaluated now.

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To bring down high inflation rates, the European Central Bank (ECB) consecutively raised their key interest rate for the 10th timewithin a historically short period of time. 

As inflation remains high, further interest rate increases are expected and already announced. 

Since Summer 2022, the key interest rate increased by +4,50%.

Restructuring a mortgage loan anticipatively with a ground review of any existing home financing contract is the smart move to protect household finances and prevent any future monthly repayment fluctuations.

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Reduce your variable interest rate risk

The variable interest rate of your existing loan may have significantly increased, and it is already expected to happen in the near future.

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Anticipate your revisable fixed interest rate

Prepare yourself today from further upcoming interest rate increases on your revisable fixed interest rate.

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Secure your future mortgage installments

Reevaluate your loan structure according to your existing financial situation, and keep control of your upcoming mortgage repayments.

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